About My Baby Fence

Building Trust through Local, Honest, Quality Care

We are a locally owned and operated small business servicing clients in and around Tampa, FL, with the manufacturing and installation of safety fencing and baby gates around pools and waterways.

As much as we love Florida’s brilliant beaches, incredible ocean-view sunsets, and lush, tropical climate, the fact that we are surrounded by water from the ocean, the Gulf, rivers, and pools means water safety needs to be a top priority.

Florida leads the country in accidental drownings of children ages 1-4. That breaks our hearts. Truly. We have children of our own, so we understand how precious their lives are. We also understand how curious and quick children can be, getting out of sight and into trouble in the blink of an eye even with the most observant parents.

We are passionate about keeping children safe around pools and helping parents have peace of mind with a pool in their backyards.

If you have any sort of water feature on your property (like a koi pond!), own a pool, or live on a waterway, you need to have a safety fence. Before your infant can crawl, safety fences should be installed around any and all open pools or areas of water around your house. Once your infant is able to crawl and move around independently, they are in great danger and have a much higher risk of drowning without a pool fence. Such a tragedy is easily preventable by installing an affordable pool fence. Every life is precious.

At My Baby Fence Tampa, it is our goal to meet all your pool safety needs, whether in a residential or commercial setting. We strive to provide the absolute best customer experience and deliver top of the line, top-quality pool safety fencing.

Our My Baby Fence parent company has been installing and manufacturing pool fences for 8+ years in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. We are proud of the longevity and success rate of our fences.

We encourage you to check out our products and compare with our competitors. Our fences are designed in a variety of colors to blend with your pool decking or screen enclosure. We offer free estimates and easy scheduling and will always put you, the customer, first! You won't find a safer, more secure fence anywhere. Combined with our professional installation and lifetime warranty, we know you'll be happy with a custom pool fence from us.

Disclaimer - A pool fence is not a substitute for adult supervision. While a pool fence and self-closing, self-latching fence gate can provide a great deal of protection, children must always be supervised around the pool.