Our Products

At My Baby Fence Tampa, we use the strongest and best materials when constructing our pool fences. A tough mesh coupled with double reinforced poles ensures reliability and safety and a long-lasting pool fence.

We don't skimp on quality. We only use stainless steel or top-grade aluminum in the manufacturing process. Our pool fence sections come in 12 foot lengths with a pole every 3 feet for maximum safety. Should you need to temporarily store your fence away for gatherings or entertaining, these 12 feet sections can be readily rolled up and removed.

All fence sections are connected with a stainless-steel safety latch, and our fences never have more than a 3 inch gap, making it impossible for a small body to squeeze through.

Additionally, all our fences come with matching deck caps for those times when the fence is removed. Just an added touch that not everyone offers!

baby gate in tampa

Pool Fence Gates

A pool fence isn't secure unless the gate is closed. Our self closing and latching gate is always closed! The latch system and gate hardware are top of the line materials.

sun city center pool safety fence

Reinforced Poles

The poles used for our fences are very light weight yet very strong. Easy to remove when needed but the ultimate barrier when installed. Our fully reinforced poles won't rust or corrode.

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Border Material

All border material is sewn on and is UV resistant in a matching color with your fence. The high quality stitching adds to the safety of our pool fence.

brandon pool fence

Stainless Screws

We only use stainless steel coated screw with a UV resistant coating to match the color of your poles.

westchase pool safety fence

Reinforced Mesh

Our mesh is made from PVC Coated Polyester yarn. This mesh is designed to be tough, but is nearly transparent so you always have a great view of your pool.

baby fence riverview

Ground Sleeves

Our ground sleeves are made from polypropylene so they last a lifetime. The fence poles slide in easily for a perfect fit to your deck.

Our Process

Your fence is built to order. Once we come out and measure your space, we head back to the manufacturing facility in Tarpon Springs, Florida and begin construction of your fence. Your fence is hand made by our experienced team of professionals. Once the fence is completed, we install it using the best tools and processes we know. The holes are drilled into your deck, the ground sleeves are installed, and the fence is put into place. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Learn more why our poles are the strongest on the market.


All Black
Black Trim, Black Screen, and Black Poles
All Brown
Brown Trim, Brown Screen, and Brown Poles
Brown & Beige
Brown Screen w/ Beige Poles and Trim
Black & White
Black Screen and Trim w/ White Poles